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truthspaper Founded in the Finger Lakes 2014

Broadcast Journal Syndicate
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truthspaper Broadcast Journal Syndicate founded in The Finger Lakes Region rich in American history, civil rights, education and industry. Our goal is to create worldwide access to a global network of local news and community broadcasting.  We will share videos and report positive stories about people, places, pets, and a healthy planet. Our quest is to deliver a Positive Viewpoint of "grassroots" publishing about local news everywhere.
truthspaper Public Service gives voice to community content that has no voice, no influential or meaningful postion, no identity and no coverage in powerful corporate mainstream media. Each location and truthspaper publication is employee owned locally. The truthspaper Broadcast Journal Syndicate will make an extra super special effort to reach out and to employ students who did not find work in their expertise after incurring life long debt to study. Fifty percent of all graduate students do not find work in their field. That's who we want to talk to.
truthspaper Purpose to be the leader in truthful anecdotes about people in neighborhoods. Then connect all the neighborhoods with a mission to report positive truth objectively. The universal goal is to create worldwide access to a network of local news. This will form the conduit for people to unite to solve civil issues in a positive manner; with manners. Culture; singing, dancing, food, commerce, worship and destiny is the cultural history and indentity of who we are that can be shared in glorius fashion. Why not work to make the whole planet earth a good neighborhood safe and happy?