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Whether she is having a great time with friends from Brazil...

Or watching a private exclusive invite-only show in Times Square at The Writer's Guild in

New York City...

Because she is determined to save the world...

Jean's progress was impressive. The entire place was completely run down. It was neglected for years by lazy, self-serving public servants until she transformed it into a majestic destination. Jean, by herself, did more in a few years than the entire group had done in a lifetime. The "local good ol' boys" caused problems and lost Jean. That is precisely when they lost the most important opportunity the center had seen or would ever see again.

The Sterling Nature Center is wonderful thanks to "Jean". While some will take the easy way and try to hide their mediocrity, Jean will always soar leading the way to a sustainable futre.

The honored women have the added distinction of receiving the prestigous award at The Women's Rights Museum, Seneca Falls, where women's suffrage began. Such an appropriate location for Jean Siracusa, a proven leader; who has come up against and overcome every obstacle anyone can name. What defines Jean and the devotion she receives from friends and students is the size of her heart and the character of her person. One, who with integrity does not compromise or give up.

"Jean" spent years writing and receiving grants, working with any army of students. REMOVED NEARLY 120 TONS of refrigerators, old cars, metal, trash, bottles and garbage and saved "The Owasco Wet Lands". Now it is officially a protected nature area with trails, benches, parking, maps, and it is handicap accessible! Bravo.

Or riding in hot air balloons or sweet automobiles she is always on the go!

She stopped the expansion of a prison that would have created a terrible serious ecological disaster for "Wet Lands" at the south end of Owasco Lake. It took years to remove tons of trash and debris.

Remarkable Reliable Undeniable & Absolutely Recyclable!

They call her Jean.

Then Jean and her second son Marty built HAPPY BEE HEIRLOOM FARM. Organic heirloom food and seeds with no fertilizer, no pesticides or herbicides and no GMOs. This food is among the best in the world. PURE.

Both are expert organic farmers. They did it the right way using solar, thermal and organic heirloom seeds.

Eugenia B. Siracusa, daughter of Martin and Stella Brycki in life were proud Polish people who owned and ran Auburn Hardware on State Street for three generations.

JEAN, BY HERSELF, RAISED NEARLY ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN GRANTS. She transformed the neglected, rodent infested, weed overrun, rotted-floor nightmare; into a first class facility. Now it is a very important nature destinations on LAKE ONTARIO.

Jean was in contact with world famous architect, William McDonough "the leading environmental architect of our time." The legendary cradle-to-cradle building giant made a visit to Sterling Nature Center to meet with Jean about a possible collaboration with him at the center. This would have transformed the place into a leading sustainable nature center. McDonough's involvement would have turned the place into a world-class destination with a significant positive financial impact on the region. This kind of tragedy happens when local politics fears any change, even spectacular. Still Jean saved the place for all to enjoy.

Jean organizes field trips and nature workshops to students from the S.U.N.Y. (State University of New York). A passionate dedicated educator for twenty years. In Jean's world, her students and the future come first.


Jean, Marty and HAPPY BEE HEIRLOOM FARM created an important partnership with B.O.C.E.S. offering hands-on experience for a leading vocational school in New York State.

Jean Siracusa is great story about an incredible woman. A teenage mom whose first home was down an alley way off of State Street next to father's machine shop. With everything that this woman has contributed someone should get an artist to make a statue.

Susan Peterson Gateley

Susan Peterson Gateley is a Super Star in the fight for a clean earth and clean water. Susan goes up against the glass ceiling, local graft, local corruption and falsified corporate reports about polution innocence. Susan lives on the south shore of Lake Ontario. Susan Gateley has now been a "Lake Watcher" for 60 years. Her first hand witness to the destruction of our precious water (20% of all the clean drinkable H2O is in the Great Lakes and the Finger Lakes) compliments her professional expertise, her humanitarian viewpoint, her discoveries and her solutions.

Explore Lake Ontario in a quest for knowledge and hope. Learn how ancient wisdom could provide a path to redemption.

Biologist    Sailor    Educator    Advocate For Lake Ontario

You can see a trailer or the entire one hour documentary of Susan's new work on VIMEO:

Lake Ontario, A Quest for Hope

Lake Ontario Fotos by j 2013 fbc

Owasco Flats

Saving The Beautiful Lake


Help Susan save the beautiful LAKE ONTARIO

They call her "Jean". She is loved by many. Jean is a maverick, a non-conformist, a free spirit, wonderfully eccentric, and a superb leader in the community. She single handed with resolve rennovated and restored  Sterling Nature Center.

"As public swim beaches were closed and dead fish and rotting plant material washed up in front of $400,000 homes, another community was rudely awakened to the true cost of 38 cent a pound chicken, cheap milk and industrialized farming across North America."

Fracking Boom Town Realities

"Rents skyrocket to double or triple the pre- boom era rates along with hospital ER admissions, heavy truck crashes, sales of alcohol and venereal disease infections. Along with industrialized agriculture, (which is totally dependent on natural gas as a feed stock for chemical fertilizers) fracking is one of the most polarizing industries as it sets neighbor against neighbor."

"In the late summer of 2010, Sodus Bay, near Susan's home, suddenly produced a thick green scum speckled with rotting fish and and a few dead birds. No one had ever seen anything like it on the bay before. This was new to our region. And frightning."


The area had the first American women university students. The first American women doctors, lawyers, veternarians and more from Syracuse University, Cornell University, Geneva College, Wells College and Vassar to mention a few from a very long list. It is the only geological formation of its kind created by glaciers in the ice age. The Finger Lakes and Great Lakes Region makes up twenty percent of the world's drinkable water.

Some of the Finger Lakes people, places and events.
Harriet Tubman
Emily Howland
Lucretia Coffin Mott
Frederick Douglass
William Seward
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Susan B. Anthony
Women's Suffrage
The Abolitionists
Harriet Tubman Home
Women's Rights Museum
Memorial Day Waterloo
Ezra Cornell
Henry Wells
Rod Serling
The Twilight Zone
The Erie Canal
The Alaska Purchase
The Underground Railroad

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The Finger Lakes region is very important for American History and American Education. The area has always been a hotbed for civil rights, scenic majesty, controversy and social change. Women's suffrage, the abolition of slavery, the Alaska Purchase and the Erie Canal are just a few examples of events that shaped the history of the world.

"The Great Lakes are truly inland seas."

"A fifth of our planet's surface fresh water resides within them. They have shaped the destinies of two nations and built vast amounts of wealth. Yet they are in trouble."

"And of all the Great Lakes, Ontario is the worst off. Its story is the story of fresh water everywhere, beset by conflicting demands, industrial legacies of pollution and energy production, and ever increasing human needs. It can still be healed and at least partly restored. But we are clearly running out of time to do so."  S.P. Gately

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