Vietnam Veteran Jack Alfred Dies

Hero Killed Tragic Motorcycle Ride

Jack Alfred served one of the longest combat terms in Vietnam. Born on February 14, 1950 Jack Lawrence Alfred, served nearly three years of active duty. Jack was in combat over 350 days in Vietnam by choice.

Jack's decorations and medals include the Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaigne Medal, Expert M-14, Sharp Shooter M-16, One Oversees Bar and The National Defense Service Medal.

Jack loved his motorcycle.  These photos were taken from the walls and front door of Jack's home in Paisley, Florida.

Jack was hit out on a ride at night and put into critical condition. He died the next day on March 23, 2016.

His fierce loyalty and commitment to combat put him in a rare class of soldiers with notable courage.

valor: great courage

in the face of danger,

especially in battle,






Lee Miller served in the Army for two years as a television producer and director. He then went on to become the biggest producer/director for "LIVE TV" Variety Specials. Thousands of hours of Prime Time TV producer of the biggest "Live TV Show" in history; The Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon.

Along with producing the biggest "live show" in television 24 times, Lee Miller produced and or directed:

The Kraft Music Hall, Hullbaloo, That's Life, The Tony Awards, and 35 more specials.

15 TV Series and countless specials starring Cher, Doris Day, Cass Elliot, Raquel Welch, Pearl Baily, Jimmy Durante & The Lemon Sisters, TV Bloopers & Practical Jokes and the biggest live specials in television! 

The Tony Awards, The Emmy Awards, The Oscars, Miss Hollywood, The People's Choice Awards, the 11th, 12th, and 13th Cable Ace Awards, CBS 50th Anniversary, The 40th Anniversary of The Guiding Light, Kathie Lee Gifford's Celebration of Motherhood, Garth Brooks The Hits, Missiles of October, and thousands of hours of top TV shows with NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX. He also covered THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS from the White House with John and Robert Kennedy and produced, The Real Story of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  


If you ever find yourself in the company of John Sincebaugh count yourself blessed! If perchance you have a beer at the local VFW or American Legion you'll likely here the proud Irishman proclaim,

"By the grace of God we still can raise the cup."

Every year John leads the Memorial Day Parade. The career veteran of three and a half decades, John retired as a Master Seargent. 

John Sincebaugh grew up and raised his family in a small town in the Finger Lakes. He went on to have a serious military career. John had the distinguished honor of working in Washington D.C. at The Pentagon with one of America's military giants, Genral Douglas MacArther. 

honor: high respect, esteem,

a priviledge; distinction,

recognition, glory, pride,


Patrick Tillman was a top NFL football player who left his lucrative and promising professional sports super hero career to enlist in the army. His brother Kevin also gave up a career in professional sports. Kevin had already signed to play for the Cleveland Indians.

Pat and Kevin enlisted on May 31, 2002. The controversy that surrounded the tragic death of Pat Tillman overshadows the tremendous UNSELFISHNESS and SACRIFICE of the Tillman family.

These two brothers both gave up the dream of a lifetime. Two of a kind show noble character and heart.

Pat Tillman served several tours in Iraq. He also served tours in Afghanistan and died in the mountains there. The Army initially claimed that Tillman and his unit were attacked in an ambush near the Pakistan border. Where there was an exchange with hostile forces. It wasn't until after his burial that investigations were launched. They concluded that Tillman’s death was caused by friendly fire aggravated by the intensity of the firefight.

The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) Report summary, dated March 19, 2007, stated that: during their movement through the canyon road, Serial 2 [Tillman's platoon had to split up because of a broken Humvee; the parts were called Serial 1 and 2] was ambushed and became engaged in a running gun battle with enemy combatants.

Serial 1 [Tillman's portion of the platoon] had just passed through the same canyon without incident and were approximately one kilometer ahead of Serial 2. pon hearing explosions, gunfire, and sporadic radio communication from Serial 2, Serial 1 dismounted their vehicles and moved on foot, to a more advantageous position to provide overwatch and fire support for Serial 2's movement out of the ambush. Upon exiting the gorge, and despite attempts by Serial 1 to signal a "friendly position", occupants of the lead vehicle of Serial 2 opened fire on Tillman's position, where he was fatally shot.


Both Tillman brothers gave up the ultimate dream and Pat Tillman paid the ultimate price.

Route 38 Dedicaion

Vietnam Memorial Highway of Valor

John Sincebaugh  Veterans Memorial Park, Auburn, NY

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