TOMATODAYTONA Checkered Flag In Paisley

NO Fertilizer!

NO Pesticides!

NO Herbicides!

NO GMOs Kids!

No chemicals just good

clean food!


1st TomatoMan Tomato in Florida.

It all started on Cayuga Lake in Union Springs, NY, when some people became dedicated to planting organic heirloom seeds to grow good food.

The heirloom seeds are a very important part of our human history. The return to growing and eating good food with no chemicals or GMOs is one of the most important, crucial actions for our human future.

If a tomato could turn into a race car, then TomatoManTomatoes win the Grand Prix! These tomatoes are THE BOMB KIDS!

Then DA COOKETTES joined in with a bunch of people on Twttier. Food lovers. Plant lovers. Animal lovers. Seed lovers.The garden lovers. Flower lovers. All kinds of lovers of good stuff!

TomatoMan (a.k.a. Kevin Alfred) grabbed his new bride, swept her off her feet like a real prince charming, jumped in his pickup and headed out for the Florida outback to build TomatoMan Farm.

They planted organic heirloom seeds.



1 pound of tomatoes grown with all kinds of chemicals and GMOs cost about $ 3.15/lb.

Then they found the perfect spot and built TOMATOMAN FARM right next to their good pal Paul one of the nicest people in all of Florida at Paisley Discount.

They grow food and flowers without using chemicals! 

DA COOKETTES and everybody started growing flowers like crazy.

Next thing you know all of a sudden everybody got...

Now there are two TomatoMan Farms. One on Cayuga Lake in The Fingers Lakes and the main farm in Paisley, Florida just 45 minutes from Daytona.


There are good seed people. Tomatoman likes the seeds from Hudson Valley Seed Company, one of the premire seed places in the world.

No Chemicals No GMOs

One of the best seed companies in the world. These seeds are SUPER SEEDS! The future of the world is upon our children. The folks at Hudson Valley Seed Library leads the way to make sure we have good food for all to eat with no chemicals no GMOs; a better world.

TomatoMan LOVES Hudson Valley Seed Library!!!! Flowers, vegetables, herbs their seeds are SUPER SEEDS!

Good Seeds Good Food Good Health Good Living Just follow the green thumb to a great life!

Good Seeds Good Food!

Nobody will put tomato juice in their car so it's a good idea to not eat chemicals that have never been in a human in all of history. Don’t put unnatural chemicals in you, your family, or your pets. Run your body like a clean machine kids.

Just follow the

GREEN THUMB all the way to a healthy life.

The checkered flag goes to TomatoMan for the TOMATODAYTONA in Paisley Florida!